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  1. Hi Igor, You deserve so much more praise for this magnificent build. A beautiful job well done.
  2. Bottleneck Treasures

    Micro Ship

    A micro ship built inside a light bulb filament
  3. Thermopylae bottled
  4. Daniel, As for being able to post photos to the site I am still unable to do so. I understand you have a limited capacity for photos. Why not limit the amount of photos per project?
  5. Building ships in bottles is a rare and unique art form,. It is unique and more importantly as shipwrights we who create this art have significant rare skills needed to bottle a vessel " under glass." We are fewer in number worldwide so why minimize or generalize the art form as General Ship Modeling? Allot of parameters need to be considered ie, the bottleneck dimensions, the volume inside the bottle etc. We are limited to the size of the bottle the vessel is going in. Unlike ships that are on static display these parameters need not be considered, just saying. Perhaps a separa
  6. In the past adding images to create a gallery was easy to do. I have had no issues and no difficulty in doing so. In recent days I have made numerous attempts to create a new gallery with recent work I have completed. Sadly I cannot add images with what I have learned is due to a lowering of file size acceptance. A procedure which should be so easy to accomplish is now a harrowing task.
  7. Tiny ships in hand blown glass bottles Some are replica's others are of my own design
  8. Nicely done!! Very attractive vessel.
  9. Yes, each fiber needs to be measured and cut to length. In an upcoming SIB I'm going to use EL wire, Electroluminescent Wire. Unlike fiber optics where light is emitted from only the ends of the fiber, the entire wire lights up on electroluminescent wire. As you see in the photos just the ends of the yards light up. The entire length of the yard will light up when using EL wire,
  10. These truly elegant and exquisite pieces will add a true nautical feel to your home. In the evening see these treasures in an extraordinary light. The only functionalistic ship in bottle wired with a hundred strands of 24 AWG or .20mm fiber optics.
  11. Jeff, I believe if you look in the last journal you were sent, it states the availability of past issues I have readily available. If this interest you let me know.
  12. Jeff, Unfortunately no other issues of The Bottle Shipwright will be published. In fact it was becoming a struggle for our Editor Terry Butler to format an issue as we saw a decline in members wanting to share their ship in bottle projects. Whether this was due to the aging of our membership or shipwrights not yet ready to share their work as I stated in previous issues The Bottle Shipwright was " their " journal and without content to publish we see what happens. Of course other factors played a role too. The increase in costs and the decline in members paying their dues some of which
  13. Dear Fellow Shipwrights, In the next few days most if not all of you will receive word that ( SIBAA ), The Ships In Bottles Association of America due to a downturn in receiving membership content for our journal The Bottle Shipwright, unpaid membership dues and the ever increasing costs of doing business had no viable alternative after thirty five years but to end publication. The last and only ship in bottle association here in The United States. To those of you who were members..... Thank You !! David Lavoie President / Membership Chairman SIBAA
  14. Bottleneck Treasures


    This miniature ships hull is smaller than a grain of rice. She also has 12 sails in all
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