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Bottled Ship Builder

Film In the Heart of the Sea

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Just saw this latest Ron Howard film. In the weeks leading up to seeing it I first saw the trailer while watching another film, and it looked GREAT! I was so excited to see it. It got released a week before Star Wars and INSTANTLY it started getting bad reviews. It was officialy panned by the critics but I still wanted to see it- after all its got tall ships and whales! How bad could it be? I am happy to say that barring a kinda dull script, the film was very entertaining and anyone hoping to get an eyefull of square rigged sailing whaling will not be dissapointed.

But the real reason I came to Bottled Ship Builder to write this revies is that there are about thirty ships in bottles in this picture. A plot device of the film has the action and narative jumping back and forth between the time of the tragedy of the Essex and thirty years later as one survivor is retalling the tail.......from his ship in bottle building bench with a ship in bottle being constructed right before him, the ships in bottles are in EVERY shot in this part of the film, many times the camera is shooting THROUGH a ship in a bottle at the actors at the table beyond. Its got to be the most ship in bottle movie of any movie.

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Yeah the wife and myself saw the trailer and she figured it was a snore. However today I had about 20 minutes to kill and while in Chapters the paperback version of the book of the story of the Essex was on the shelf. The book In the Heart of Sea won a publishing award and on the cover it had stated soon to be released in movie theatres.

Today we went and saw Decaprio's new movie Revevent and we were thoroughly disappointed. I wish we would of went to In the Heart of the Sea instead.

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I just watched this movie tonight with the wife. We both enjoyed it and it really made us think how blessed we are not to have had to go to sea and toil in a Whaler. I thought the movie was outstanding and I noticed the ships in bottles on the desk where the Old man was narrating his story back to Melville.

Chase was quite the character and you just knew he and Pollard were never going to get along. Interesting how at the end of the movie there was reference to someone striking oil in Pennsylvania. My we have come along way from then.


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