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A "ridiculous" new question

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I'm new to SIB but have several years experience in larger (e.g. 1:48) builds. The problem I'm having is tieing very small knots. Are there any videos, etc., that might help me improve my knot tieing process? I imagine that knot tieing has forced many potential small scale builders to quit the adventure. Any thoughts, etc. are appreciated. STAY SAFE...Moab

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This is my secret weapon when it comes to knots. I dont worry about trying to tie too small. I cut plenty of line and tie the knot then pull it down tight. It leaves long ends and thats where the cuticle clipper comes in. Since it has a flat edge that clips by pinching rather than scissoring I can get right up on the knot and clip off the extra line. So I tie with plenty of line put a dab of glue down to secure the knot and then clip off the excess. 



Also Jeff is correct using the right type of knot is also very helpful. 


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