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Bottled Ship Builder

The Golden Swan by Cuda1949 based on the 1588 English Galleon Ship in a bottle


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Starting a new build The Golden Swan based on the 1588 English Galleon as pictured in Wolfram Zu Mondfeld book "Historic Ship Models" The hull is carved from

sourwood. Usually I use Holly but wanted to try a different wood.  The deck will be spit from the hull so the ship will be in two pieces so it can be placed in the bottle when done. I am building her  in between sessions with my Cutty Sark that I am also building.










Here is a picture of The Cutty Sark I am working on. Too big to fit in a bottle.20190225_124812.thumb.jpg.22e17997f6444857565c040cbf649c61.jpg20190308_102247.thumb.jpg.0455edb63064b28a8b73a216f92ba5b2.jpg

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Thanks for the kind words and yes it has ben scratch built  but received the hull from my son. It sat in my ship room for 8 or 9 years. I finally decided to build it. All I had was some plans for a clipper ship and plane from the Scientific model. So even though the hull was complete I have scratched built the rest. I also purchased Longridges book on the Cutty Sark and used it for references. I am doing the ratlines right now and it has been a year since I started the build.   

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A short update. I have added the fore and aft decks to the hull. The decks have been painted a light gray. I have drilled the holes for the masts which I intend to put thread into the bottom of the mast and pass it through the hull. I also placed a grove on the underside of the hull so I can run the threads for the masts out of the hull when the ship gets placed in the gallon bottle. I also decided to stain the planks for the hull a dark walnut  and the planking will be the next step. 




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