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  1. Made some progress I have started planking the hull. Slow going as I am also working on my Cutty doing ratlines. Deciding how I am going to attach the planking to the upper deck as this is the part that separates.
  2. Just a quick update/ I removed the upper part of the ship and made new parts which are permanently glued to the hull. I made a separate poop deck which will be attached once the ship is in the bottle. Pictures to follow.
  3. A short update. I have added the fore and aft decks to the hull. The decks have been painted a light gray. I have drilled the holes for the masts which I intend to put thread into the bottom of the mast and pass it through the hull. I also placed a grove on the underside of the hull so I can run the threads for the masts out of the hull when the ship gets placed in the gallon bottle. I also decided to stain the planks for the hull a dark walnut and the planking will be the next step.
  4. Thanks for the kind words and yes it has ben scratch built but received the hull from my son. It sat in my ship room for 8 or 9 years. I finally decided to build it. All I had was some plans for a clipper ship and plane from the Scientific model. So even though the hull was complete I have scratched built the rest. I also purchased Longridges book on the Cutty Sark and used it for references. I am doing the ratlines right now and it has been a year since I started the build.
  5. Starting a new build The Golden Swan based on the 1588 English Galleon as pictured in Wolfram Zu Mondfeld book "Historic Ship Models" The hull is carved from sourwood. Usually I use Holly but wanted to try a different wood. The deck will be spit from the hull so the ship will be in two pieces so it can be placed in the bottle when done. I am building her in between sessions with my Cutty Sark that I am also building. Here is a picture of The Cutty Sark I am working on. Too big to fit in a bottle.
  6. Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing your builds. Alan
  7. Welcome aboard. My background is I was a Philly Police Officer and I am getting ready to retire from The Courts in Delaware. My good friend Moe (God rest his soul) introduced me to this hobby back in the 90's. I am of the scale model type. My builds are predicated on actual ships. Welcome again and keep the questions coming. Alan
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    Just a quick Hi from Lower Slower Delaware. I have been building SIBS since about 1995. Just finished The Hannah which I started in 2000. Took ten years time to get it bottled. Mainly because when I would have problems I would put it away and bring it out again some time later. Anyway just thought I would stop lurking and say a friendly Hi.
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    Here are some of my past builds
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