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Phoenix from the ashes

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Way back in 2011,first April (April fools day!) my wife phoned me at work and told me the house was on fire.

The main thing was she and the kids were safe and that we were insured.By the time I got back it was all over.House was still standing but all contents lost, bar for a few items...

Would you believe my ships in bottles survived,minus their stands and turks heads knots but after a clean up B)







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I am always surprised by the durability of ships in bottles.  I have a 100 year old sib that I keep at my office that looks like it could have been built yesterday.  Its the one at the top of the screen under the website name actually.  I think thats part of why sailors built them.  Regular models left unprotected on a ship could easily break.  Throw a ship in bottle in a bag of clothes and she'll make it back to port.  


I'm very glad your sibs turned out alright.  That would be a scary thing to go through.  

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I'm curious about if the heat affect the sea. What did you use for the sea in them?

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I have had my house catch fire but got it put out by the time the Fire department arrived. My family was screaming at me to get out but I just couldn't run outside and let the fire grow and spread while waiting for them.

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Hi Jesse,The sea was modelled out of plasticine and the rise in temperature didn't seem to effect them too much as the sib's were positioned someway aways from the source of the fire (kitchen).

They must of been exposed to a fair amount of heat because I can remember the Fire chief telling me that if the house had burnt another 5 minutes it would of exploded! Anyway that's all water under the bridge now

but at least we know our Ships in Bottles are durable; unless you drop them on a concrete floor!^_^

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