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Bottled Ship Builder

MiniSIB - Typical boat of Mediterranean Sea, 1/200


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Hi to all!
Another of my small projects. Once I have seen the photo of the model boat, which was interesting me.

I have wrote to the author of the model and he told me that this boat is a typical for Sardinia the southern Mediterranean area Andalucia.
So, I decided to build the model of this boats in a bottle.


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Many thanks for your kind words, friends!

On 17.02.2017 at 7:01 PM, JesseLee said:

 I don't know what products are available here in USA that would do the same thing. Would love to play around with this to learn how to do it like you do.

Hi, Jesse!
I used the usual two-component epoxy resin. I added to resin  a bit of pigment from gel pens. And I used a clear acrylic gel for making waves.
Some time ago I wrote a short description of the process - please, look at the attached file. I think you will can find all the materials in the USA too.
In two last of my project I had try to use other material - two-component silicone ENCAPSO K and the corresponding pigment.

Best Regards!

Step by step - How I make the sea.pdf


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Just now, JesseLee said:

Do you mix the resin and hardener in the bottle?

No, Jesse! 
First, I am adding the pigmet in the resin and mixing thoroughly. Then I am adding the hardener and again thoroughly mixing. Then I am slowly pouring the mixture into a bottle using a syringe with a long tube.

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