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Bottled Ship Builder

Mini SIBs


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You take them to a degree I haven't ventured into yet and your work is incredible.  I would say ships at that scale are not easy.

 I think the ones at my slightly bigger scale are easier compared to the larger traditional scale just because I don't go into as much detail.  I don't include hatches, bells, anchors, deckhouses and other deck furniture.  My main focus is the hull, masts and sails.  Also my use of paint brush bristles for the masts makes bottling these little ships quiet a bit easier.  

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Another one almost done.  Not sure that you can see it but I found a technique to do thread anchors.  


I used some surgical clamps that lock and locked the thread in to that it looped around.  I put a little glue on it and let it dry so the rounded part would stay.  Once that was done in glue on a straight piece of thread and cut the round parts back as needed.  I'll have to get some pictures.  

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Been a while since I've posted any of my work. Its been a bit tough to get to ships in bottles the last year or so. I've been studying and taking CPA exams but not passing them. They're no joke. So still fighting that fight. I'll get there. 


I also had an issue with pain in my thumb everytime I went to build. Probably from to much phone use plus model building putting a stain on my joints. So I've become more mindful of how do things. That seems to have helped. 


So now I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. I'm lucky to be working in healthcare in I have friends that can get me things. I got hundreds of tiny flu shot viles. So with the plethora of building materials I thought I'd focus on small ships and continue this thread. Heres a few. 












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