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So I was a approached by a member of my ship club to build him a submarine in a bottle.  He was a sailor on the US Bonefish.  He didn't want a regular submarine though.  He wanted just the pariscope sticking out with a big eye looking out.  Here's what I came up with.  



Has anyone else do e a whimsical bottle and what ideas have you had.  Here's a few I've talked about with people.  

Ghost ship in a bottle - bottle with just the sea.  The ghost ship is invisable.  

Ship in fog - Bottle full of cotton balls.  

Ship wreck - For when you bottling efforts go horibly wrong.  

Ship trying to get out of bottle - this one's more involved but I thought might be fun.  A ship firing broadside into the side of the bottle with cracks apearing in the glass and water spilling out onto the stand.  

Show off you whimsical bottles and tell us about your ideas.  



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Well, the one SIB I've made so far that I could really call "whimsical" was one I did depicting a scene from H.G. Wells' sci-fi novel, the War of the Worlds, wherein the fictional Royal Navy torpedo ram, HMS Thunder Child, engages in battle with the Martian tripods. Got inspiration to make it from listening to Jeff Wayne's musical version on the LP record (no substitute for good vinyl, in my humble opinion!), wherein the battle gets a rather awesome music treatment.

As for a basis for making the SIB, I chose to stick close to the Thunder Child's real-life basis, the one of a kind torpedo ram HMS Polyphemus, slightly enlarged to have two single-gun turrets fore and aft to more closely match how the Thunder Child was described in the novel. As for the Martian tripod walker war machines? Ordinary corks cut to have a flying-saucer like shape, and then some bits of wire stuck into them to make the legs and the heat-ray laser guns on the top, with a pair of little green beads to make the sensors/eyes.

One of the tripods I chose to have its front shot away and billowing black smoke from a direct hit from the Thunder Child's guns (which have little white puffs of smoke to suggest muzzle flashes), with the Thunder Child herself steaming for one of the legs at full whack to finish the job on this crippled tripod with her beaklike ram on her bow under the waterline. For anybody who's read the novel, you'll know that this victory is going to be short-lived, as the other two tripods coming up behind the ship are going to melt it into scrap with their heat-rays, but insofar as the actual scene goes, I wanted to show the Thunder Child in all her glory before her violent death, when she was still kicking Martian butt and taking names

Ended up selling it, but it definitely was one of the favorites out of all the one's I've done. I've also done a submarine, the USS Nautilus, but while running on the surface. I'd like to do another running underwater, but I've yet to figure out how to put a layer of water in the bottle, while having the sky and sea below clear so you can see the sub clearly.

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On 29.04.2017 at 9:14 AM, Shipwright1912 said:

I'd like to do another running underwater, but I've yet to figure out how to put a layer of water in the bottle, while having the sky and sea below clear so you can see the sub clearly.

Hello Shipwright1912!
For several months I am studying the properties and methods of working with a two-component silicone. One of my current projects also requires a transparent sea to see the underwater elements of the composition.

Best Regards!


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