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  1. Thanks for the comments, everyone, glad you all like it. ----- Well, the Fitz is finally completed and inside the bottle, and I'm rather happy with how it all went, everything went into the bottle nice and smooth, and the paint job makes her look nice and smart. Nice to have one that goes easy for a change, y'know? As for what's next, I think I'm going to be making an SIB of the R.M.S. Carpathia, as that would round off the selection of ships I've made concerning the Titanic and I'm also kicking around the idea of doing another liner, sort of wanting it to be something a little diffe
  2. I agree, the song is a bit sad, but then again the whole incident is sad, the Edmund Fitzgerald wasn't that far away from making sheltered water and getting out of the storm, and she took her entire crew with her to the bottom when she went. It's also very mysterious in my mind, as whatever happened to make her go down, one minute the Fitz was steaming along fighting the storm, and the next she was gone. It happened so quick that the crew didn't have time to radio in a mayday call or try to abandon ship, and to this day nobody knows the exact cause. Well, as a bit of an update for everyon
  3. Hello all! Just thought I'd share some WIP photos and a little backstory on one of my new SIB projects. This time around, I've decided to model the ill-fated S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, a Great Lakes ore carrier that was lost with all 29 hands on November 10th, 1975, during a storm on Lake Superior, and subsequently made famous by the folk-singer Gordon Lightfoot and the song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". To this day, the exact cause of the sinking of "The Mighty Fitz" as she was known, is unknown, and the wreck of the Fitzgerald lies in two pieces 15 miles west from Deadman's Cove, O
  4. Thanks ever so much for the link, Sapper, pretty well exactly what I was looking for and then some, even found a nifty little article from Popular Mechanics on how to do a submerged submarine in bottle! I've done a sub already, but it was on the surface as I was still puzzling out how to make it look like it was underwater at the time, which the article handily provided. Another resource I've come across on my own is Shipbucket. It's technically a site about making color profile drawings of ships using computer programs like Paint to a set scale and format. Mostly about military ships, bu
  5. Hello Igor, Really I'm into all types, so any plans/drawings I could get to work off of would be great! I confess my absolute favorites to make are liners, but in general I find it's very much a "all Titanic, all the time" sort of market. Nothing wrong with that, per se, the Titanic is one of my favorites, and I've done several SIBs of her, but it gets a little boring doing the same ship over and over again, and I'd like to have a diverse selection of ships available to choose from to put up in my shop on Etsy.com, and I find that the humble steam or diesel merchantmen just don't seem to
  6. Hello everybody, I was just wondering if anybody knew where I could find visual references of 20th century merchant ships? Usually, for making ships in bottles I like to find what's called a general arrangement plan or drawing, which shows the exterior of the ship in question from the side and from the top down (helpful in translating the 2-D images into a 3D model to put into the bottle), or barring that, photographs or line drawings which show the same or similar angles if the plans for the ship are not available. I don't know if this would exist, but would there be a book, website
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