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Hello from the UK


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Hello to everyone.  After a long military career (22 years) I settled down as a civilian and took to RC Boats and Ships of all types as a hobby.  I have always had love of ships and the sea, and I put this down to having 4 uncles in the navy.  However I recently researched my ancestry and found there were 5 Master Mariners  in the family back in the 1800's.  All Brig skippers shifting coal and bottles to lord knows where.  So there is definitely salt in my blood.  Can't understand why I joined the Army.  Now in my mid 70's I have slowed down a bit and no longer sail on the vast oceans of the park pond, and I no longer drive so it's embarrassing using public transport with a 7 foot Bismark.  So I have decided on Bottled Ships.  Hopefully I will glean gems of wisdom from the Forums and I look forward to several more years of pleasure building ships (but on a slightly smaller scale) and the company of fellow Bottlers.

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Hi Sapper,  


Welcome aboard.  It sounds like you do have strong maritime history in your family and in your blood.  Please ask away at any questions you have.  There are members here who are beginners, some truly skilled and talented builders,  and all kinds of builders in between.  The neat thing about this hobby is, that anyone, even the most experienced would love to help anyone have fun and improve their skills.


Again, welcome aboard! :)


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