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  1. Google Solid Model Memories and scroll down to Marine Miniatures, also Modelcraft. There are some merchants on those files. Regards Sapper
  2. Daniel Looking at the web site it appears to be like any other cotton thread. I have no intention of using it as I am quite happy with fly tying thread. I was curious because I had seen it mentioned a few times. Seeing as how no one else has heard of it let's just put this post to bed.
  3. Sapper


    Welcome aboard Galvein. The more the merrier.
  4. It is thread used to make gloves but I can't find out whether it as fine or coarse. I do know it is 100% Cotton. The only supplier I could find is in Paris.
  5. Hello Craig Welcome aboard. Sapper
  6. Sapper


    Hello DCook Welcome aboard from another old modeller. Sapper
  7. Hello All I have seen this mentioned several times and assume it is used for rigging. Can anyone enlarge on this. Sapper
  8. Alan Forgot to mention. I started with Leon's book when I joined EASIB. Also have the DVD. Sapper
  9. For Alan and DSiemens According to the Macmillan Dictionary, Carafology is The Art of putting Tiny Ships in Bottles. This was submitted by Bob Arrowsmith, Honorary Vice President of EASIB on 25/10/2015. Carafe is French, The open top flask in which wine is served. There are a couple of entries on Google. Sapper
  10. Scrolling through the Bottle Shipwright newsletters I came across an article stating that the late Jack Needham called us Carafologists.
  11. Nice one. Will start making one forthwith.
  12. Hello All I know we are all Ship Bottlers, but is there any other name for us? I quite fancy Marine Flaskologist.
  13. Hello All Picked up a copy of The Oxford Companion To Ships & The Sea in a charity shop yesterday. Almost 1,000 pages of marine interest and great to just dip in when you have a few minutes to spare. (£2.00) Having suddenly realised that my rope work skills were dying I bought The Directory of Knots by John Shaw from Amazon for the vast price of 1 Penny plus Postage and am now brushing up on my Knots. Whilst on the subject of knots, the Swedish Bottlers site have a couple of interesting gadgets for tying Turks Heads. Look under tools.
  14. Hello All Not been on site for a while due to other commitments and a trapped nerve in my right arm. I did try to keep on building but tools kept slipping out of my hand. Seems alright now so I will start again after the festivities. Just like to wish everyone a Happy Xmas and a Healthy and prosperous New Year. Sapper
  15. Nice one Alan, Good choice. Sapper
  16. Thanks everyone I have ordered two types from one of our Model Shops. They look quite good so my problem may be solved. I will let you know how it goes. Sapper
  17. Well done Dave, you spotted the deliberate mistake. Actually they were printed and the master sheet must have moved slightly. I will see what I can do about a build log next time. Thanks for your comments. Sapper
  18. Hello All What sort of wood fillers are you using? I've not had problems with larger models but they are a bit coarse for Bottleship scale. Sapper
  19. Thanks for that Charlie. I'm just starting my next effort with a Brixham Trawler. Good luck with your sloop. Sapper
  20. Just ordered the 1988 version from Amazon at the very nice price of £0.01. Sapper
  21. Thanks Roger Those are excellent, when I get a a bit more experienced I may try dioramas in bottles. Neunkirchen - I have been there, near Saarbrucken I believe. I was stationed in Germany on and off for 12 years. Paderborn, Hameln, Bergen Hohne, Osnabruck, and Munsterlager. Happy days.
  22. Sapper

    Old Books

    Picked up a book a Charity shop the other day. Title is Windjammer Modelling and is written by Clive Monk. Date on the intro is 1951 but still relevant today. It is written with miniature models in mind but could certainly be useful for Ship Bottles. There are several fold out working drawings some of which are taken from Underhill drawings. Cost me £3.00. There are one or two copies on Amazon at £5 to £10.00. I also have a small book by the same author on Ships in Bottles from the same era. Sapper
  23. Thank you for your kind comments, they have certainly given my confidence a boost. Searching for the next model which will likely be a Brixham Trawler or Baltimore Clipper. Thanks again. Sapper
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