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Light Houses


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For New Years Eve my wife and myself were over at our friends house for dinner, conversation, and and us guys shot a bunch of 8 ball on his table. During the course of our games I noticed my friend had a bunch of photographs of light houses on the wall in the basement.


I turns out the Admiral/wife started to collect pictures of light houses as a new hobby. Anyway I thought I would share these photographs of the real McCoy!


My apology for the quality and fluorescent glare from the lighting as I took these with my I phone.

Enjoy ... Jeff  :)























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They are, aren't they? I didn't take these photos, but I have visited the lighthouses.

    The Anvil Point Lighthouse is very near a Cliff Cave, where I camped out, and a heavy fog rolled in overnight. Me and my Brother sat on the Cliff edge, looking at the distant light of Portland Bill, and listening to the mourneful sound of the Foghorn at Anvil Point lighthouse.

     Very creepy and evocative! It reminded me a lot of certain scenes in that John Carpenter film, The Fog! No Zombies attacked us, thankfully.

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Many years ago, I was based at RNAS Portland. The accommodation was on the East side of the Island overlooking part of the breakwater for Portland Harbour. It would be about November, and I remember waking up slowly in the small hours, a little bit groggy, perhaps from a little too much refreshment the night before, hearing an organ playing and thinking " Who on earth (words to that effect) is playing an organ at 4 o'clock in the morning," coming a little more awake and realising that it was the Bill foghorn plus the lesser ones on the breakwater in chorus. Felt a real idiot! 


They actually give a warning blast on a small horn before the large one is blown so you can get fingers in ears, Believe me, its LOUD close up.


Thanks for the phots - brought back memories.



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I might do that in my current build, Steve. I've done a few bottle ships with a small lighthouse put in the neck of the bottle, as a decorative touch, and one with a lighthouse on some rocks, at the back of the bottle. They're pretty easy to make, if you have a lathe, which I haven't.

    I seem to remember I used a ready made object, but I can't remember what it was! Maybe a Chess piece?

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