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Bottled Ship Builder

Someone decided October 4 is "Ship In Bottle Day"

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Yes this was a concerted effort by David Lavoie as well as Terry Butler and was made official just a year or two ago. The day was decided because it was Jack Hinkley's birthday. Jack Hinkley was one of the founders of the Ship in Bottle Association of America. This very forum started from the Yahoo forum which was put together by the association members. The very existence of this forum as well as the SIBBA is due to the efforts of Jack Hinkley and Don Hubbard. So what better day to celebrate ship in bottle day than Jack Hinkley's birthday. :)

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NATIONAL Ships In Bottles Day, October 4th annually, " a day commemorating the venerable art of building small ships and other objects to fit and be displayed in a bottle. Builders who are often referred to as bottle shipwrights, are dedicated men and women who spend long hours researching the subject they wish to bottle and then equally long hours devising ways to place their creation securely and attractively inside a bottle."

This day is listed in Chase's Calendar of Events. A prized book used by all the media to search for newsworthy upcoming events they can report on.

The Ships In Bottles Association of America is also listed in The Encyclopedia of Associations. Another reference book to help people find sources. That is how Terry butler was found to get her job with Robert Di Niro and training Matt Damon how to work with SIB's for the 2005 movie The Good Shepard.

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