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PVA - which one?

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I have a question regarding PVA. This seems to be used as a generic term for all types of white glue, I believe this is also what is in ladies hair spray and thus why it is used to seal chalk pictures.

As a part-time woodworker I have come across many white glues ranging from powdered resin W to standard bottled wood glue and they all give different performances i.e. slow or fast drying and overall strength. Can they be spread thin (as needed on small  models) or do they need a good dollop etc etc.

What glues are you using for model ships? Are there any types of pva to avoid?

Thanks in advance

Richard Johns

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I’m no expert but in normal work building a ship from wood then I use ordinary white wood glue from a bottle but use it quite thinly. If I have any plastic parts i.e. made from styrene then I glue them with a super glue but be aware that super glue will react with the glass inside the bottle and can be difficult to get clean. Maybe other people can recommend some other types of glues for you depending on where you are based.

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Superglue will come of the inside of a bottle using acetone (pure, not nail varnish remover that has lotions etc added) on a swab. 

Paraloid B-72  is a conservation quality adhesive. I saw it being used on the British Museum website so gave it a try. Will stick just about everything, but does require drying time.  Dries clear and is reversible (just in case) with acetone. Useful for a lot of the work, probably not everything.

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