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Bottled Ship Builder

First time builder, Viking raider.

Tony Hedgewolf

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Ok, here goes (hope I don't break the forum trying to upload pictures...)

I'm a new member here, finally attempting something I've wanted to do for about 40 years. 

I carved the hull from a piece of Alder and punched the shields from craft paper. I'm not going to be too ambitious about the details, just want to see if I can make it work. 






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These pictures are out of sequence but no matter...

Needing somewhere to run the lines, I hit upon the idea of a heavy rope around the gunwales. Not really nautically accurate, but I think it looks quite in keeping with the general 'fantasy with one toe in reality' feel of this whole project. 

It's fixed down with little spots of ca glue, leaving gaps in useful places. I also made the hole for the mast with a lead-in which gets hidden by the deck tent. The idea is to push up the mast, rather like a pole-vault box. 

The last picture shows the final arrangement plan, with the teabag sail. Soon time for the tricky stuff!




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I took the plunge !

First picture; laying out in readiness 

Second; insertion 

Third; secured with a Kelly forcep while I jiggered everything about with a bicycle spoke.


This is what the whole thing was about for me, to find out what all you talented folks go through. I know this is laughably simple compared to the fine work in this forum, but what an experience! 

Next... gluing the ship in position, then making a decision about the sea (or lack thereof).




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Its incredibly thrilling to see your creation impossibly set up in the bottle. Your gonna get hooked on the hobby now. :D Great job.  Viking ships may be simple but they are incredibly fun and look so awesome.  You picked a perfect ship to start out on. Good luck getting her set. I'm excited to see the result. 

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