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Seeing as we still have snow and ice here in Finland ,even though it is spring; I thought that I would try to build 'Tarmo' a Finnish icebreaker constructed in Britain in 1907 and in operation until 1970.It is now a museum ship in Kotka and I had the good fortune to climb aboard her last Summer during the Tall Ships race staged in Kotka.







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A start;carved the hull with wood and then skinned her with styrene white plastic to try to make it look like steel plating.The hull will have to be cut into at least four different pieces to enable it to fit through the bottle neck. The cutting is going to be a bit nerve wracking as a mistake means starting from scratch again!





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Well the cutting of the hull in four pieces did not go so well. Like some other people on this forum I belong to a modelling club where we pool all our resources,machines etc. I get to use a very fine bladed band saw for the cutting but unfortunately the blade breaks on the last cut,which causes it to go a bit askew as you can see in some of the pictures.Luckily as the hull is black it may not be too noticeable.Anyway had to do a new paint job.Started making some of the deck items,bridge etc...Modelled the ice scene;not much room inside the bottle for anything larger.







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I do not have any pictures of the deck going in because after I steam the veneer aft deck it has to go in very quickly. Unfortunately it splits a bit but luckily it is in a place that will be hidden. Fore deck (white 0,5mm plastic) inserts easily and is no problem.The funnel guides have a double function i.e. to act as a secure glueing place for the funnels and also for pinning the deck  in place.Flag staff fixed;it also acts as a rigging tie off.Aft mast and aft deck in situ.





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Deck house and steerage in place.Erected fore mast and rigging.I cut loose ends of rigging away with a small piece of a razor blade glued onto an old wire coat hanger. Capstan and a few other bits and pieces fixed in place. Re modelled some of the ice in front of 'Tarmo' and she's done.Clean up any glue deposits or any other bits that shouldn't be left inside and seal the bottle with a cork and a seal of wax with the letter 'T' embossed on it. Luckily I had a turks head left over from 'HMS Trincomalee' that fitted this bottle neck so that I didn't need to spend half an hour making a new one.Difficult to get a decent photo of the finished item but I think its ok.









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A couple of people have suggested that I should donate Tarmo to Kotka Maritime Museum but I'm not sure that they would want it,plus its always hard for me to give away a ship in a bottle which has taken several months to make. If I do I could perhaps donate with her 'Kemi'; a finnish lightship which is under going renovation in Kotka Harbour close to where Tarmo is moored. I built this model in 2013 and it has a working light which was a cheap bicycle lamp. This involved drilling a small hole through the bottle to insert the cable. (Kemi is a town in North West Finland).





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