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  1. Hi Mike, I my situation once things are where I want them I will probably terminate at the bottom of the removable upper deck where the mast goes through. However other guys/gals will run the lines through the bottom of the deck and John Fox III actually has a technique whereby he runs his lines out the Hawser holes and then terminates. I am along way off before I get to this stage. I hope this answers your question. Jeff
  2. Coming along nicely!
  3. Pretty hard to beat a computer. I am playing chess on AI level 3 right now and I win one or two games now and then otherwise it kicks my butt. Awesome detail at this scale. However when you can scrath-build at this scale and get almost the same level of accuracy and detail it's a huge accomplishment. Nice Post Joe!
  4. You guys are great! Yes Mike there is a hole in the deck and goes right through the upper removable section. Will start at the stern and move forward as I go. And yes lots of patience Bob! You are correct Daniel very observant on your part!
  5. IOAN awesome link! Thanks for sharing*
  6. Last few days I had a chance to get to it. Starboard bulwark installed and primed. I built a tool rest for the mini lathe and a new addition a mini grinder/sander/ jack of all trades. I also scratched out the 5 masts ready to be soldered. The mini grinder was wonderful for this project. I had this old 4.8 volt rechargeable type of Dremel rotary tool from Sears Craftsman. I threw away the recharging station and battery pack as they both sucked! I wired it in directly to my power pack and rheostat. Go to go! Pictures as follows ... Jeff
  7. Awesome job. Next one has to go into a bottle Joe!
  8. Xcellent Joe
  9. Today I managed to get the port side bulwark on and primed. Once the paint dries overnight I’ll get out some 600 grit and work towards 2000 to polish out the imperfections and get things nice and smooth. I am leaning towards using some paper on the hull to depict the plating on the Preussen. Note sure how crazy I am going to get here. Also some paper gussets to hold the main rails to the bulwarks are up soon. I have been thinking about starting on the masts and yards and in particular how I want to secure the ratlines, back-stays and fore-stays. Everything has to come apart before she goes into the bottle so I have to put on my Engineers hat and figure this out in more detail. McCaffery’s below and Underhill’s book has been some inspiration as of late. Lots of work ahead ... Jeff
  10. Hi Alex, She turned out really well and quit detailed. I appreciate your trials at his scale. The bottle is really cool and the mini-magnifiers are truly a bonus! Bravo ... Jeff
  11. Welcome aboard Galvein!
  12. Fantastic detail at this scale Igor! I totally appreciate your efforts as I know what it's like to work at this scale. Love it ... Jeff
  13. Today I spent a little time on the marker lights but focused more on test fitting the seas and test fitting the hull. I made a few decisions on moving forward. I decided to build the model “Ralph Preston style” so I can get more detail into the model regarding the running rigging etc. Each of the 5 masts will be inserted separately moving from stern to stem one at a time. I had to build a special insertion tool today to test fit the upper deck section of the hull to the lower part of hull as there are two parts to this hull build. Tool fits into hole where bowsprit goes. This way I can reduce the amount of lines to mess with coming out of the bottle neck so each mast, yards, rigging etc. are in modules. So there will be no folding masts utilizing the Hinkley hinge as most builders tend to do. The build will take longer however I am in no rush whatsoever. So that's it... Steady as she goes!
  14. Yes I tried to guess the spacing! Close enough for me.