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  1. Looking good Igor! Awesome detail.
  2. Well it’s been quit awhile since I have had a chance to hobby. My Father-in-Law passed away suddenly from Parkinson’s disease and my Aunt Sadie passed away as well. We expected the passing of my Aunt but not my Father-in-Law. So it’s been pretty solemn around here lately. It’s been really hard on the Vice Admiral. Work has been really busy as well so I apologize for the long lag. I started on the 5 cross tree’s for the lower masts and completed them. I also built a special ergonomic workstation to alleviate some stress on my back when working hunched over on small parts. The cross trees are made from paper glued to thin card and then paper for the supports and end trim. Cyano in combination with white glue worked well here. I also started on the upper mast cross tree's complete with spreader bars and cross braces. I had to build a jig to fabricate them and there are 5 in total to build. I find working at this scale I am constantly fabricating part holders of some sort! Above is my raised work platform to save my back! It's built from an old electric fireplace glass cover holder. Above 1 of 5 for lower masts. I still need to turn a taper on the upper section of this mast. Piano wire soldered to the brass pipe. 0.39" twist drill to show scale. Above is the plan drawing of the upper mast cross trees with spreader bars. Bars keep yards from fouling with the back stays and running rigging. Above-Number 11 surgical scalpel blade to show scale. GS Hypo Cement works well here gluing stainless wire to paper. Wax paper in between to allow release of part after drying. I find a neat way to mark this small wire is glue it to waxed paper with cyano then mark the dimension to cut on the paper. More to come Lord willing ... Jeff
  3. HI

  4. Looking Good!
  5. Hey Alan if you haven't already then subscribe to Old Salt Blog! You might like what Rick has to offer.
  6. Ditto!
  7. Hi Mike, I my situation once things are where I want them I will probably terminate at the bottom of the removable upper deck where the mast goes through. However other guys/gals will run the lines through the bottom of the deck and John Fox III actually has a technique whereby he runs his lines out the Hawser holes and then terminates. I am along way off before I get to this stage. I hope this answers your question. Jeff
  8. Coming along nicely!
  9. Pretty hard to beat a computer. I am playing chess on AI level 3 right now and I win one or two games now and then otherwise it kicks my butt. Awesome detail at this scale. However when you can scrath-build at this scale and get almost the same level of accuracy and detail it's a huge accomplishment. Nice Post Joe!
  10. You guys are great! Yes Mike there is a hole in the deck and goes right through the upper removable section. Will start at the stern and move forward as I go. And yes lots of patience Bob! You are correct Daniel very observant on your part!
  11. IOAN awesome link! Thanks for sharing*
  12. Last few days I had a chance to get to it. Starboard bulwark installed and primed. I built a tool rest for the mini lathe and a new addition a mini grinder/sander/ jack of all trades. I also scratched out the 5 masts ready to be soldered. The mini grinder was wonderful for this project. I had this old 4.8 volt rechargeable type of Dremel rotary tool from Sears Craftsman. I threw away the recharging station and battery pack as they both sucked! I wired it in directly to my power pack and rheostat. Go to go! Pictures as follows ... Jeff