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Bottled Ship Builder

Thoughts on wood and such

Gwyl Blaser

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I was contemplating my progression as a modeler and how my skills and use of material has changed through the years.  


As a modeller I try to use wood when ever possible. I think I do that because most ships that I model are/were made of wood.  I do use some thin plastic for certain parts, but if I think I can make it from wood, that is what I do.


Of late, I have started to mill some of my own wood to incredibly thin pieces, some so thin I can see light through them.  I am using this for planking hulls, decks, and other features. I have found this thin wood delightful to work with.







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Sounds like a dream Gwyl.  Only power tool I have is my dremel.  I end up sawing and hacking away at a hull before I get it down far enough to dremel it into something.  Makes hull building a real chore.  Maybe that's why I prefer rigging.  


I do enjoy wood too.  Hard to explain but yea it's a feeling of authenticity.  

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Greetings All,


I much prefer to make parts from wood, but at extremely small scales wood is quite different than it is at full scale, so to speak. Also, there are times when having to paint something after making it, again really tiny parts, adds enough coating to put the item completely out of scale. I often use various colored "plastic" to make things to match the color without the need for color treatment later. I quote plastic because I don't believe all the stuff I use is plastic per se, I use different colors of margarine containers, bottle caps of all sizes and colors, and many of these do not cut and clean up as cleanly as styrene plastic sheets do. However, they have the advantage of already being the final color, so in effect I can make my parts a tiny bit larger and easier as I do not have to worry about painting or staining later.


Anchor's A Weigh!

John Fox III

Ladysmith, WI

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