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Reference for ship anatomy.

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As a noob, attempting to make sense of nautical terms is rather daunting. How do I find out what a top gallant mizzen mast sheet is, as opposed to my portside gunwale on the spar deck? 

I have some knowledge "fore, aft, port, starboard" but some of these terms are esoteric to me.

Where could I find a glossary (with pictures hopefully) to get aquainted with such terms?

Thank you



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I've picked up most of what I know from other modelers in my local club.  Honestly their knowledge far surpasses mine in regards to the names of individual parts.  Not every one has a club they can go to though.  The members of my club got most of their information from books.  Here's a list of the common books I see. 

The Shipmodel Builders Assistant by Charles Davis

The Art of Rigging by George Biddlecombe

The Rigging of Ships (In the days of the sprit sail top mast 1600-1720) by R. C. Anderson  I found this book insightful but extremely technical.  It is not an easy read. 

The Anatomy of the Ship series has a lot of information on specific ships. 

Modelshipworld.com has a lot of build logs from very technical builders that may have information on parts.  I've often read through build logs of similar or the same ships I was building to glean information.  There's a lot we can learn from the bigger scale model builders. 

I will also Google some ship parts.  This works for most simple parts.  If I can't remember the different deck names I go to Google and put in ship deck names and I go to images and I get stuff like this.










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'The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea' by Peter Kemp has just about everything nautical. Lots of second hand copies at a good price on the web.
Search the forum for books as there have been some good threads on the subject. The web itself is a good source of information.

Anatomy of an Admiralty Model   is worth a look as well

'The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor' is another book that can be found as PDF for download free on some sites.

http://modelshipworldforum.com/ is a large well known forum with lots of articles that you can read.

Should get you started



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