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Bottled Ship Builder

SS First Attempt

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Hi Jeff

Sorry it took so long to reply, been busy with Doctors and life stuff.

It's a gallon wine jug, I found out after it was done that it was way too big, it probably would have looked better with a half gallon growler type  but then again I could have made the model bigger(glass half full half empty kind of thing).

I have been scouting around for another bottle I just have to decide what I want to drink haha

This was my first attempt so hopefully a lesson learned and i'll move on to something new

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Hi Bill:

Your right the bottle was a decent size for a beginner but I think I underestimated the height of the sea, and I errored on the minimum, so a lesson learned I have my eye on a new bottle but will take some time to empty.

yes you are correct there was two different hulls I was trying to us card stock for the bulwarks on the second one I had seen an article here in one of the forums and though I would try it, it worked great and with a little more practice I think I'll use it on a bottle

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On 7/18/2018 at 3:23 PM, Weege said:

I don't have any plans to go by I just used the illustrations in the books I've found, I realize this needs quite a bit of work but i'm thrilled with th way it's turning out so far, and i'm hooked on this the learning curve is pretty steep but i'm working my way up, everyone here has been great


Hi Weege!
Goog start! 

I am sorry, but what is it?

Best Regards!

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