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Hi Sapper,

You beat me to it! I couldn't remember the exact word so I hadn't started to search through my copies. In fact my memory failed and I thought it was the late Leon Labistour who had come up with the word. I've dug out a copy of Jack's book and he says under the chapter heading of  'Carafology';

" There is not, as far as I am aware, a word in any language to describe the art of inserting models into bottles, so I have taken the liberty of concocting one which lends itself to this fascinating pastime. Literally dissected this word is not a precise description of my all-absorbing hobby, but it is a short, self-explanatory word which could, in time, become part of the English Language".

Nothing else on it. I've been pondering about Dan's question. I wondered if the 'Car' was from Latin or something like in 'carboy', but it turns out that was from Persian.

My latest thought is that it is from Carafe as in a carafe of wine. 'ology' is obvious.

Any other thoughts?

It is also now in a number of Dictionaries that can be accessed on line.

By the way, Leon's book 'Making Ships In Bottles: Beginners To Advanced' is worth a look at, as is the DVD on the subject he started and his wife finished due to his untimely passing on. Its available from EASIB for a few pounds.

Best for now


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For Alan and DSiemens    

      According to the Macmillan Dictionary,  Carafology is The Art of putting Tiny Ships in Bottles.  This was submitted by Bob Arrowsmith, Honorary Vice President of EASIB on 25/10/2015.

Carafe is French, The open top flask in which wine is served. There are a couple of entries on Google.



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