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Pirate Ship


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I'm just starting a small project to give my hands some exercise and need some help and suggestions.

First off, I'm not an artist so forgive my drawing.

I drew in the bowsprit, masts and yards along with the lines needed to raise everything inside the bottle. I think they look good but would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance...Charlie

CB Pirate4.pdf

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Looks like a good start. I would add lines above the yards passing through holes in the masts & add shroud lines. The lower front line needs to be just above the yard so it wont be in the way of the sail. Looks like a good project. I love those older style ships with multi level top decks!



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Overall, pretty good.




   The bow as seen in the overhead view looks a bit too fine  - might be OK on a cutter, but less likely on a pirate ship


   Bow-sprit/jib-boom too long by half - shorten so that both stays end at the tip of the jib-boom (attached image)


   Bow-sprit/jib-boom should be steved up a bit - 10-20 degrees or so  


   Add a jib stay from foremast top to inboard end of bow-sprit (attached iamge)


   Consider adding a 'water sail' on a yard beneath the outboard end of the bow-sprit


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