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I often ask people what's new and exciting?  It's usually met with confusion since most of the time when some one greets you all you have to do is say good and keep moving.  Sometimes it's fun to make people think.  Any way, I have some exciting news I'd like to share but starting a post all about me seems self centered so I want to keep this open to any one that has new and exciting news to share.  Since it's off topic it could be about anything.  Grand kids, cars, toy's, what ever.  


  So here's my exciting news.  You may have noticed I haven't been around much the last couple weeks.  I've been doing a lot of hoop jumping paper work signing and bought my first house!   




It is small comparative to houses in the US but it's a good start.  We have a spare bedroom my wife would like to make into an office for her writing.  I'm going to see if I can't steal a corner of it for a ship yard.  Which would mean I'm out of the coat closet!  I also have a shed I can store bottles and wood I mean to get to eventually.  


So that's what I've been up to.  Any one else have exciting news?

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My first rule of flying is "avoid if possible!" :o

2nd and only other rule is that if I have to, someone else must pay! :D

Fifty years ago this year, I joined my first passenger liner, the 33,000 ton RMS Transvaal Castle, not all that long after this publicity film was made.


It all seems like yesterday.     It was the end of an era, because in a few short years, all the long-haul fixed run passenger liners would be gone.

At that time, I had already been at sea for four years, and the Transvaal Castle was my 7th ship!    I had just left the 21-year-old cargo ship Richmond Castle  and Transvaal Castle was very much of  a culture shock for me after the discomfort and austerity aboard the war-built Richmond Castle.



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I have never done a cruise however I really enjoy flying. The video in a way saddens me as that era is an era I really enjoyed, it's all but lost. Life was much more simpler then. People actually socialized and enjoyed each others company. Our world has changed drastically from then to now. What an awesome experience Bob!


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We weren't cruising, it was a fixed run passenger liner on the route Southampton - Las Palmas - Cape Town - Port Elizabeth - East London - Durban and back the same way.   Round voyage five weeks with 850 passengers and several thousand tons of cargo.   

The Union-Castle line sold all the passenger ships in the late 70s, but I was fortunate in joining the company that took over the run with the 3,150 ton RMS St. Helena, 76 passengers and general cargo, Avonmouth - Las Palmas - Ascension Island - St. Helena Island - Cape Town and back the same way.   Round voyage 8 weeks.     Was there from 1979 to 1990 when we all transferred to the new RMS St. Helena, 6,000 tons with 132 passengers and general cargo.     The new one is still running (I left in late 1992, by voluntary redundancy).     The ship is now in its final year, and will finish in July 2016 when the new airport opens on St. Helena Island.     You can have a "virtual tour" of the ship here:


By rolling your mouse wheel to move through the ship.    

Thank goodness I will never again be required to fly anywhere! :)        Hated it! :(


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Thanks' Alex.  What happens if your short on both?   :o   Actually it been really nice.  A lot of work but nice.  Hope to have the ship yard up and running soon.  I have anew commission I need to get started on. 


Lextin probably late for this but flying is one of the funnest things you'll ever do.  I've been up once in a small Cessna and would love to do it again.  The larger jets are fun too.  Something exhilarating about seeing the top of the clouds.  

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