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I have agreed to write a comprehensive article on naval conflicts during (1812 to 1815) on the Great Lakes for Lone Warrior. I used to submit articles on a regular basis however life got way to busy to keep up. So being an x wargamer it's still in the blood. This is going to be fun as Jeffrey Knudsen of http://www.warartisan.com/ has agreed to supply me with 6 Great Lakes vessels (paper models) to use in the article and battle for Lake Erie. What is really nice is these same ships are ideal candidates for SIB's.

Here is a teaser ..... more to come ..... Jeff





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Yesterday I had a chance to start on one of the models. I also had a chance to do some shopping for some supplies. I picked up some shears, cotton thread, some nifty diamond bead reamers, some seed beads, some metal and carbon fiber rods. I bought the carbon fiber rods for the upper yards for the Preussen. I never even knew you could get this at 0.5 mm (0.20") looking forward to working with this stuff. I also picked up some weathered scale decking for the Preussen from Artwox.






The cotton thread will be black for standing rigging and the camel for all of the running rigging. I bought the seed beads to add some blocks as Mr. Knudsen's models do not come with any. I wanted to up the bar a bit.




the 0.39" music wire will be for the upper mast sections and bowsprit.






Artwox threw in some scale anchor chain as a bonus!






This is the first time I have ever built a paper model and the kit goes together quit well. Paper is a bit fussy but I am slowly getting the hang of it.


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Work has finally slowed down, the stuff around the house is caught up, and the Nova is on hold until my son finishes his 4th year of university. So henceforth back to modelling in the man cave.  :)

I started back on Lady Prevost and here is where she is as of last weekend.






Above shows a gizmo I built to look at really small parts. I purchased 1 set of 3 jewelers loupes from Lee Valley. Total cost $10.

Next slide shows what I see at 10X magnification. The seed bead on the tip of the stick pin measures 1.5 mm. in diameter.




Lastly .... working on the bowsprit etc.




More to come ... Jeff





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This last week I have had some vacation time. I put the Preussen on hold for a month to work on this project again. Sorry Bob! I can't post the entire article here until it's vetted through Rich Barbuto from Lone Warrior and the members see the article first as... they are paying customers of the journal they receive. However here are  few teasers ...Jeff



Above some chit boxes for the game.

Below each ship gets a moniker with some basic information.




I also built 20 event cards to spice up the game a bit. It's amazing how much time it takes to print stuff up and make cards. I glued everything to balsa wood as card stock is tough to cut and really dulls blades quickly!



Next shot shows an example of a box with appropriate hardware for the player.



I started on a second vessel; the USS Ariel 112 Tons, 4 Long 12 pd. guns with a crew of 36 men. Commander was Lieut. Packett.








Finally I got the masts and sails built for Lady Prevost.










I will rig both of these vessels together once the masts, bow sprit, etc. is built for the Ariel. It's good to take a break from the Preussen however she is always on my mind especially as I read The Last Time Around Cape Horn by Peter Stark.

Enjoy ... Jeff





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