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‘Maria’ Votive ship.


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Votive ship (model) is usually gifted to a church to grant safety to seamen and all others at sea.

They are quite common to see in churches in Scandinavia. I am attempting to replicate the one that is hanging in Porvoo church in Southern Finland. (See photo)
The hull I am making is carved out of birch with the bulwarks in thin veneer. Hull has been cut into quarters to fit through the bottle neck. Forgot to post a shot of the bottle (coming up later!)but it is completely round about the size of a man’s hand. Bottle opening is a generous 23 mm. I plan to have the ship hanging inside the bottle by a hook.



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39 minutes ago, JesseLee said:

I have never heard of this. I love learning the history and stories behind things like this. Very interesting! Evidently this is not done in the U.S.? I would have loved to see a ship hanging in church when I was growing up.

Jesse,my son got married a few years ago in this same church (it’s actually a cathedral which I didn’t realise!) Dates from the 1400’s.

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13 hours ago, Lboro said:

Beautiful and very instructive build sequence, it always amazes me to see the ship as a perfect puzzle ready to be ensembled inside the bottle. To see  the ship sailing in its caapsule in front the snowed background is superb! Many thanks for sharing

Many thanks Lboro.

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