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Hi All,


I was steered to this forum by Gwyl after posting a link on MSB. I've been dabbling with SIBs for a number of years, never really getting one done to my own satisfaction, and usually taking it out again for further work or shelving (I'm very self critical. I've been a member of The European Association of Ships in Bottles for a number of years and am currently their archivist. Presently redoing a generic Brigantine because when I launched it into the bottle I let go of the home made pincers holding it, for getting they were brass and a lot heavier than the SIB - result one shipwreck with both masts and jib smashed. I'm now taking the opportunity during the build to experiment and learn as I go. Looking forward to a bit of correspondence on the forum and seeing what others do



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I live in the North West of England at present. I will probably move when I retire in a few years and offspring have finished university.

Thanks for the comments on the dividers. As I said, I've used them a few times and would probably try and use brass if I was to make another set. I have a set of plans I downloaded for a 'Proper Set' somewhere, but I don't have the tooling at present to make them.


I haven't done much modeling for a couple of years now, as most free time is taken up with other family commitments, and the garden takes precedence in the right season, so I mainly spend the rest of the time catching up on reading and planning, and the odd bit of modeling on rainy days.


The other longstanding model I have been building (not a SIB) is a 1/350 Brig from Langton Miniatures that I was given as present. It has a resin hull, white metal masts and photo etched  sails and fittings including shrouds. A lot of SIB techniques come in handy, I'm still trying to come up with a method of making reasonable looking blocks at this scale for this model, and am tending to perhaps not use the PE shrouds, but loom some up out of thread.


I'm enjoying catching up on the rest of the threads


More time needed



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