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Making gratings using card stock

John Fox III

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Been experimenting with making gratings for my 1:96 scale sandbagger model. Photos sort of explain everything. Started out with some fairly stiff, .010" thick brownish orange card stock. Used red mahogany wiping stain and a kleenex tissue to darken the card stock. The card was then cut into strips 3" long and just under 1/32" wide. I made a jig out of aluminum, gleaned from the spouts of cardboard salt containers, designed to hold the strips about 1/32" apart. Strips were then slid into the jig and extended about 1/4", then another strip was slid under them at 90 degrees from their orientation. I used a metal engineer scale placed over the strips to hold them tightly on top of the cross strip. A small wire was used to apply cyanoacrylic glue to each side of the cross strips to hold it all together. I then cut the jig strips carefully  off on each side of the strip that was left. Another strip was then glued on top of the "nubs" by hand, then pairs of strips were glued together. Five of these double assemblies were then glued together to make a single grid piece. For my model it took six of these pieces to complete the grating. The grating pieces were then sanded carefully down as thin as I could sand them without breaking them apart. I used a small block with two 1/32" thick pieces of maple veneer glued near each end to hold the grating pieces against a piece of 320 grit sandpaper and moved them back and forth to get to the thickness I wanted. Final photos show the grating in place on two models. More explanation on the hulls of my sandbagger models in another posting later.

The whole process was fiddly and time consuming, but worth it for me anyway.

Anchor's A Weigh!

John Fox III

Grating 01.jpg

Grating 02.jpg

Grating 03.jpg

Grating 04.jpg

Grating 05.jpg

Grating 06.jpg

Grating 07.jpg

Grating 08.jpg

Grating 09.jpg

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Greetings Bruce,

Thanks! I spend many hours thinking and experimenting whenever I come up against something that is new to me, or something that I was not totally pleased with results on previous models. Since my modeling scales vary considerably I often have to experiment.

Anchor's A Weigh!

John Fox III

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