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My local ship club found someone who could embroider logo's onto hats for a low price and so the club sold a customized ball cap style hat to the club members that wanted one.  I'll have to get a photo and post it.  It was a huge hit in the club and I thought it may be fun to do something similar for the website.  I've debated it for a long time and part of the problem is we don't have a logo per say.  We have a photo at the top of the page but that's not a very embroider-able logo. I've contacted someone who could make us a logo but before I go forward with it I wanted to see what is the interest in buying a hat or t-shirt or other item that would show off your association with bottled ship builder?  Is it something you would buy?  Let me know what you think.   

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I'd love to see what you come up with.  I was going to hire out an artist but there wasn't much interest so I canceled that.  If you get a design together I don't mind getting a couple hats and things between friends.  I've thought about drawing one myself but I'm horrible at drawing.    

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Coincidentally, I came on line this morning specifically to contact you about the article. How would you suggest that I proceed with it? Can I write it in Word and then email it to you? can I upload pictures to an article in Word? I don't know? I've never done this sort of thing before??

At this point in my research I have got quite a bit to still unravel about Ander's process. Most of which is going to be painstakingly tedious and time consuming. So I'm thinking of  straight away addressing that issue and just proceed with what I do know?

I am in the process of trying to get funding from the University of Michigan, Science and Fine Art departments to support the analysis of Ander's sea material which could be done on campus. This is a drawn out affair in and of itself. This one element of Ander's building practice can answer a lot of questions but it's again just in the works.

Do you know if I can print out the article that I've posted here so that I can edit it to be shorter and better?

Please advise, thanks Bruce.

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Hi  Bruce,

Yes a word document is preferable. For sake of security, I would suggest you write the article and then please send a private email message to me on this site. That way I can proof it with you before it goes into the journal.

 I like your train of thought, so I would suggest a series of articles due to the unknowns and the research from Michigan will be invaluable down the road. So at a minimum a three part series, introduction, body of the research, and a conclusion which would involve your involvement and any revelation you come up with whether by yourself or the university fold.

How does this sound to you?


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