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Bottled Ship Builder

Casting off From from Michigan USA

Bruce Foxworthy

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Sometime in mid April, I began to build my first SIB in nearly 40 years. Although I had several older books on the subject to reference, I was curious to see what U-tube had on it about the subject and that's when I discovered this forum. Glad I did as there is wealth of information and apparently a lot of great guys contributing to this wonderful spot on the net.

I love seeing the other builds and soaking up the combined techniques you guys have so willingly shared. Some of which I've employed in my recent build. What a place to grow with in this art form. Good on you.

I'm a mostly retired research and development process guy at a German Based machine tool manufacturer specializing in extreme precision geometry of all sorts. I've spent a couple of decades looking through a microscope there so wearing magnifying glasses is second nature to me in many respects. I also have been restoring antique clocks for a long time. A fascinating hobby I just adore.

I'm seventy years old now and have an adoring wife who somehow has managed to put up with my creative juices all these years. That's a big plus for me. We have three great kids the last one is midway through collage on his way to becoming a Dr. of Chiropractic. We live on a small Lake about forty miles north of Detroit Michigan. When I was a younger man I did a lot of sailing all around the Great Lakes and have owned several boats in those years.

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and hopefully I'll be able to contribute to the forum here and there along the way.

So that's my bit.

Happy to be a member of Bottled Ship builders.

Steady as she goes and regards from Bruce Foxworthy

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