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Bottled Ship Builder

Hello from AZ


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Welcome Rob.

Have you tried anything yet? Is the bottle mouth open so you can stick anything in there? I would try a long wire/stick, something with cotton or cloth of some kind attached to the end of it, but very small. Think of the end of a cotton swab. Try dabbing the end with alcohol and try to wipe it clean. If the stain is dried on it might take multiple tries. Just don't have the scrubbing end wet enough that access liquid runs off into the bottle onto the sea and ship. You can try acetone also if the alcohol doesn't work but take the same precautions. Make very sure this can air out really good. You don't want solvent or fumes trapped in there causing more problems later. (Maybe stand the bottle up after making sure it is dry inside so the fumes will evaporate straight up? Maybe some others who know more about this will chime in here)


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Thank you all for the advice.

I have not tried anythinh yet. I wanted to get advice first. 

no the bottle is not open. It has a cork and wax seal. 

Alan  you are a brilliant man !

 Holding in my hand I didn't even notice that the bottle was cut open  under that strap. 

 I'm pretty happy that it is there I'm also kind of disappointed it's not a true ship in the bottle this was my first one and I think it is exceptional and still something I will be happy to look at every day .


thank you



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The stain was glue.

 It ended up being pretty easy to remove with the back end of the bottle being able to come off. 

 I put the whole entire bottle and a heating pad for 10 minutes on the side with the stain. After 10 minutes I started scraping the glue off and it came off really easy .

 Thank you very much  for all the advice.


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