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3D Printed Hulls, S/Y Endurance

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Thought you guys would enjoy this. These are the 3d printed hulls for S/Y Endurance I commissioned a while back from a wonderful gentleman on Shapeways. The larger one is 1/350 and is the one I'm going to work on next following my IJN Maya build. I commissioned these around the time of my 1/700 Endurance scratch build started and they just arrived. They look stunning. I really think 3d printing is the way of the future for scale models.

I bought the 1/700 hull too because I couldn't pass it up, even though I had my own under construction. I may sell it at some point, as I don't really need 3 Endurance models. If anyone has a burning desire for it, contact me and we can talk. 

Here is the link for models if you want the hull in 1/350 or 1/300 even.















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I think the fun in this type of modeling is in the painting, which Joe is incredibly good at.  There is fine work to be done too.  I don't see anything wrong with 3d printing.  It is a different medium and one I've explored a little but haven't gotten into.  For parts as small as I need them it's expensive.  I did manage to get some cannons though.  


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Pretty hard to beat a computer. I am playing chess on AI level 3 right now and I win one or two games now and then otherwise it kicks my butt.

Awesome detail at this scale. However when you can scrath-build at this scale and get almost the same level of accuracy and detail it's a huge accomplishment.

Nice Post Joe!

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