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Bottled Ship Builder

First Attempt

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I felt like it would be good to have the photo in this thread as well.  To see it in the gallery click here.  


Great build.  The bulwarks look even and clean and the lines are nice and tight.  The lines on the sails are also very evenly spaces.  I still have problems getting them that even.  Great work!  

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Thank you for your kind comments, they have certainly given my confidence a boost.  Searching for the next model which will likely be a Brixham Trawler or Baltimore Clipper.  Thanks again.



I like both of your next potential projects.  Either one would be a winner! 



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Thanks Roger


Those are excellent, when I get a a bit more experienced I may try dioramas in bottles.  Neunkirchen - I have been there, near Saarbrucken I believe.

I was stationed in Germany on and off for 12 years.  Paderborn, Hameln, Bergen Hohne, Osnabruck, and Munsterlager.  Happy days.

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I think you have done very well for a first, or even a tenth, try. I'm sure you see the minor fault with the sail seams not lining up on the two sides. Perhaps the fault lies with the photographer who back lit the model.  ;)


I look forward to your next project. Do it as a building log showing with photos your progress through the build.

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