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I just found yesterday that The Admiral a movie about Michiel de Ruyter is on Netflix with English subtitles.  It was an incredible film.  In modeling it seems I see so much about the English and the French and very little about the Dutch.  The film has made me really start to look at the Dutch history both politically and in regards to their ships.   



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  I very much enjoyed the movie. It's interesting that the various European powers were engaged in a protracted struggle which strained their economies,  yet they all spent lavishly upon the gilded carvings which ornamented their ships. It must have been trying in the extreme to have been a ship's carpenter, since once the shot holes were plugged and the spars repaired, there was all that gilded gingerbread  to be worked on.



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I wonder how much of that they repaired and how much was just left as is. These ships didn't last much longer than 10 to 15 years if they didn't sink in battle. I would think there time would be better spent carving and guiding new ones. In all the craziness that was that time period at least the shipwrights had job security.

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