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The Fighting Temeraire


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For quite some time... in fact decades... I have thought about wargaming the Battle of Trafalgar. However it's a massive undertaking to say the least especially if one is to make all of the ships. There are lots of options. However once I picked up Sam Willis's book; the Fighting Temeraire, I realized the famous painting of the battle would make one awesome diorama inside of a medium sized commercial light bulb! So for now I have the book signed out from the library. This book is an excellent read and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Well written with lots of maps, glossies and even a picture of a prisoner of war model of HMS Temeraire kept in the Wool House museum, Southampton.


So the quest begins ....








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Yes indeed I am familiar with Rod's site and models as I moonlight as a solo naval

War Gamer.

A little trivia here for you.

For almost two years I was the editor for BattleFleet out of the U.K. After I stepped down due to some other commitments David Manley took over. David just stepped down recently and there is a new chap running the show ... Jeff

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