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Rio Olympics - British Sailing Team Sail for Gold


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Hi All,


Ahoy all Brits. 


I've mentioned that I am the archivist for the European Association of Ships in Bottles (http://www.shipinabottle.talktalk.net/).


We've been approached by the Royal Yachting Association who are holding a 'Sail for Gold' fund raising auction in July to go towards sponsoring the British Sailing Teams who are off to Rio later this year to win for us. The have asked 25 of the team to put their names to an item which can be added to their auction and are hoping to find SIBers who could be assigned a sailor in the team, and include their signature in a SIB.


We have suggested a signed sail, or more sensibly, a signed label that can go under the sea in a SIB.


So, we are looking for a bit of help. Given the time constraints, it is suggested that simpler models such as single masted yacht or ketch for example be attempted.


If any one would like to help this worthy cause, and have one (or more) SIB auctioned to help this Olympic Challenge (I've asked Brits, its a bit unfair to ask other nations to help, but no offer refused), then can you please contact A. Rogers on



The call has been out for a few days now and we have about 8 or 9 volunteers already.


I'm planning a ketch, I'll do a build log and give you all a laugh.


Thanks for reading.



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Hi All,

The photos below were the SIBs produced for the Ball Auction. They raised over £2000. Thanks to all who took part. Thanks to the Editor of 'Bottleship' for permission to upload. 

They are copied from the magazine and I have obscured the names of the SIBber because its the internet.

I suspect there will be another request in 4 years or so. It was well worth doing.
















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