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Bob, it's the same with model airplanes. You've never seen so many iterations of P-51s and '3D hover planes' (I always thought flying WAS 3D!) in all of your life! Don't get me wrong... I like 51s as much as anyone but there are certainly plenty of other worthy subjects, military and civilian. I am an RC flier and my main focus has been the scratch building (plans and all) of scale wooden vintage sailplanes the past 6 years. The older the better! The AMA/FAA debacle has me soured on RC presently and all of that activity has come to a screeching halt. I surmise most folks introduction to ship modeling follows a similar course (pun intended, lol). Everyone wants a Constitution on this side of the pond. Again... don't get me wrong and don't make me walk the plank... I have a Constitution kit with a piece of the 'real deal' in the kit but many folks don't learn to appreciate the 'Thomas W. Lawson' or the 'Waterwitch' until later, if ever. That is unfortunate. Some of these have amazing histories. I am really partial to three mast barques and topsail schooners!

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Thanks for reply.      I don't know much about aircraft, and wonder what "sailplanes are" unless they are what we call "gliders!"

As far as model ships are concerned, I seldom build warships.     The large Napleonic ones I find unnatractive, although smaller frigates look OK.    I mainly build iron or steel merchant ships, sail or steam built between about 1865 and 1965.      The Thomas W. Lawson was extremely large, but very ungainly in the hull.   As far as big schooner go, I prefer ships like the Wyoming or Cora F. Cressy.      Waterwitch was the commercial British square-rigger, and a smart little ship.   Lately, I have been drawing up plans, and attached is the big British four-masted barque Lord Wolselely, that ended up under US ownership as E.R. Sterling and Everett G. Griggs.     Give me the obscure or semi-obscure any day over the never-ending stream of Cutty Sark, Bounty, Victory etc.



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