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Very nice article. Love the poem at the end.

     Me and my Brother have made a few ships in bottles, and we were both hooked on it by a family heirloom, a ship in a bottle made by our grandad, who was a Merchant Seaman all his life. He made the S.I.B on board one of his ships. He was torpedoed a couple of times, and even at 70 years old he was a hornpipe champion. We have a poster of him, which was used in WW2 to try and make people join the Merchant Navy. A right old Seadog :-)

    Ray reminds me of him :-)

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I love it especially the tug boat towing it. The scenery really makes the model come alive. The bottle is remarkably in pretty good shape for the age.

Considering what was available for tools and art supplies back then he did a really good job of it!

You must be proud of your Grand dad ... Jeff

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Sadly, I never knew him. He died before I was born, but Grandma didn't like him (although, to be fair, she didn't like anyone :-)). Apparently we had a house full of stuff that he'd bought back from his travels (African spears, carved Abalone shells, Turtle shells, Chinese pottery, paintings etc. When he died, Grandma took most of it and burnt it in the back garden! All we had left were the African spears (which I used to throw at stuff when I was a kid), the Abalone shells, and a small amount of Chinese Tea cups and a pot.

      I suspect he spent most of his life at Sea, and used to just come home now and then and drop off his latest treasures, and to give Grandma a few kids.

     I get the feeling I'd have loved him, though.

  And I'm proud of his S.I.B skills :-)

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