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German Cutter 1910


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Wow I have the first build log post.  I have several ship in bottle build logs on another forum so I thought I'd bring them over to add more content on this forum.  So here we are the German Cutter.  This particular one was built using plans from The Story of Sail by Veres Laszlo and Richard Woodman.  I also used photo's of the Mariquita Yacht to get the deck furniture.  Her'es how I started.


   Using the plans I was able to mark out the wood for where the deck would be. 







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I then worked on the deck houses and hatches.  The ships wheel I made from watch parts.  I added the trip around the edges.  Still needed a bit of sanding at this point.  




A few shots of the completed deck houses.  I use match sticks for deck houses.  I find they carve very easily.    





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A couple of things to not on the rigging.  When you get the masts really thin it's hard to use hinges.  Michael Bardet has a photo of various variations for placing the masts.  I really recommend his website.  He's amazing.  http://michel.bardet.pagesperso-orange.fr/  




I really like technique number three.  Leaving out the hinges really ads to the mystery of how the ship go into the bottle.  




Couple other things to note.  Thread blocks are great for adding blocks as needed.  These cutters have adjustable back stays which I was able to show with thread blocks and different colored string.  John Fox III did a great video on creating thread blocks.  To see it click here. https://vimeo.com/46158123

you can see the thread block I used on the end of the bow.  




Also not to get the bow to stay in place I drilled through the hull tied a string from the bow through the hull onto the martingale and to the end of the bow.  As the forward stay and the masts pull the bow up the thread on the martingale pulls it into the hull.  This adds strength to the bow and keeps it in place.     

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Thanks every one.   :)   


We need more logs.  Post your builds even if they're already done sometimes the quick synopsis is just as valuable.


I've been working on another version of this build.  I gave the above one away.  Here's the latest pictures of the progress on that one.  








I decided to do some different things with this one.  The deck furniture is slightly different and I'm adding as much rigging as I know how to.  This includes the belayed lines.  I usually just glue running lines to the mast and call it good.  I'm also adding coiled lines next to the blocks.   

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Turns out I had to retrieve her three or four more times.  All sorts of little sangs and issues but I finally got her in and finished up.  T


hat is one ting I do differently with my ships.  Most will glue the ship to the sea and then raise the masts.  I raise the masts first and make sure it all works then glue the lines down and glue it to the sea.  It's trickier but if things go wrong I can pull the ship out and try again without breaking the bottle.  









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She looks wonderful.  I like the choice of bottles.  I also like the ability to pull the ship back out if needed.  On my first ones, years ago, I would glue,  or stuck them to the base, then I learned that with care, on some ships, I could raise the masts like you, and check for problems etc.  Once again, Nicely done!!!



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