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A-ha, me boys a riddle-i-day!


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Last night was a very special night at the lodge where my Mother and Father in-laws reside. We had a surprise visit from Fiddles n Stix. They play Irish New Found Land Kitchen music. Scott Malcolmb the spokesman for the group had his kilt on and he cracked us up with Irish and Scottish folklore/music. My in laws are Scottish with some English/Welsh so they were in tears as Scott is one funny guy. The highlite of the evening was the lead singer who looks like a young Buddy Holly and performed Amazing Grace and one other tune on a 1939 Sears Robuck carpenters saw.


That's right! this guy plays a saw with a bow and the music is right out of this world. All of us were choking back tears as Scott described how the lead singers Grandfather used to play the saw when the singer was a young lad. Grandpa tought him well and when he passed he gave the saw to the singer (his name escapes me). Some of the tunes by the band were:

  • I'se the B'y that builds the boat
  • Lukeys Boat
  • Jack was every inch a sailor
  • Tickle Cove Pond
  • A coal miner song by the late Rita McNeil
  • And more to be sure

The music took me back to when I worked off-shore and again some tears were choked back. It was as if I was back on the sea. Speaking of sea .... I have attached a link to some video clips by Great Big Sea ... the song of course none other than Lukeys Boat! This is a taste of what we experienced last night!



Here is a picture of last night... Scott and his kilt!






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