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American barque James A Wright


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The sea in this one is just plasticine (modelling clay), formed by rolling a round plastic bead up and down on it.    Painted with Humbrol gloss enamels.   White added whilst blue is still wet so it runs.   Sea painting done by my wife!

Attached is my sea roller with the plastic bead on the end! :lol:



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I always thought there was a connection between the James A Wright and Charles Davis and now I know what it is.  As I'm sure you  know, Boucher, later Bluejacket, had a 1/8" kit of this bark and a good friend, the late Bill Fleming, built a model from the kit.  I have the plans, and they are not by Charles Davis, but were perhaps taken from his.  Always wanted to built her and hopefully will someday find the time.  It's good to see someone has done an excellent job with her at our kind of scale.

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Yes, Charles G. Davis made a voyage round Cape Horn in the vessel in 1892.    The plans in the book are Bluejacket Ship Crafters, as you say.     I had no idea there was a kit though, as I have never followed kits, preferring the obscure or semi-obscure, preferably of the merchant service.      A very good subject for a first sailing ship model.    Good looking, but not fancy in any way - not even got a figurehead!


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