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Home made miniature lathe


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I finally got my miniature lathe set up and running last night. The lathe consists of a Jacob's Chuck coupled to an old heater motor out of a Nissan King Cab that I got for $5 quit a while ago. Power comes from a dimmer switch to a 12 volt D.C. rectifier to power the 12 volt motor. The beauty of this rig is I can control R.P.M. by adjusting the dimmer switch which intern controls the amount of amperage to the motor. Ideal for turning masts, spars, what have you ... 




Above is the motor mounted to my work bench at a height that is comfortable to turn things down while sitting.

Next we have my old timer rectifier that used to power a model railroad set up many moon's ago!




Last is my dimmer switch set up. You can see by all of the paint splatter it has seen numerous hours of service. Still going strong!




Total cost was under $50  ;)


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Great piece of work, will be very handy.

I build a miniature drill press using part of a Dremel Router base & the rack out of an old manual typewriter.

Here is a pic, I hope this will work, never put a pic on here before.


The drill press looks awesome.  What ingenuity our members have.  



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