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  1. Here is a cheap, but effective way to cut veneer. Available at Aliexpress. Just standard blades are available.
  2. I find dental picks invaluable, Dremel grinder, dissecting forceps make great mini vices, in fact there is a lot of handy gizmos in the medical & dental profession that are useful in all types of model making.
  3. Thanks for that's interesting, I have lived all my life in NZ and don't know much about the early shipping. I would like to build a model of the 'Nimrod' I have several pics of her but none of her in full sail. On 1 January 1908, Nimrod sailed for the Antarctic from Lyttelton Harbour, Earnest Shackleton lead the expedition. I would appreciate anybody who may be able to help with a picture, thanks.
  4. Beautiful piece of workmanship. I was wondering about the name and wondered if it had anything to do with our city in New Zealand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timaru
  5. I made this miniature sander using an old sewing machine motor, it has a dimmer switch on the other side out of view.
  6. I also built this sander using an old food processor and bypassed the safety switch, it works well.
  7. Great piece of work, will be very handy. I build a miniature drill press using part of a Dremel Router base & the rack out of an old manual typewriter. Here is a pic, I hope this will work, never put a pic on here before.
  8. Hi from CaptOrion, I used to be a member of the Shipsinbottles site and just signed up here. I have no updates to report, but will do so in the future.
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