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Bottled Ship Builder

Pirate ship in Hot Sauce bottle


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I forgot to post a few details. I am going to leave the labels on this bottle because I save different hot sauce bottles so this ship will only be able to be seen from the 2 sides with no labels. This also means the bottle will sit upright instead of laying on it's side. This will be both a saved hot sauce bottle & a ship in a bottle.


 I used Plastalina clay for the sea. I got it at my local Hobby Lobby store. It never hardens. After putting the clay in the bottle I heated it on the stove burner just enough to melt & bond to the glass better then shaped the wave patterns some - will work on this a little more before it is done.



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Ready for the masts. I thought about using wire hinges but decided to try to make it hinged with all wood to look more like a real mast coming out of thee deck when upright. It took a few tries. Got a few splits but finally got it. I cut wood splinters with a razor hobby blade for the hinge & carefully glued them on the outside edge making sure the glue didn't seep into the whole hinge.  Pegged the bottom of the masts to glue solid into deck. When these are raised in the bottle a small dab of glue will be applied to the hinges to make it all more like a solid mast.  









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The first attempt at the cannons didn't work well. The glue didn't bond the brass wire & wood bases very good so I switched to card stock bases. Glued layers until they were thick enough. This worked better & once painted couldn't tell the difference.




Added wood channels & cut slits in them for the shroud lines.



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