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Hey everyone.....new to the site and somewhat new to the craft.  My name is Don. My grandfather used to build these when we were younger and as I was working in the yard today, had a flashback to days gone by. Did a search and this site came up. Figured I would learn and pass on a tradition that brought back a fantastic memory growing up with a man I admired..  Looking forward to learning a great deal from this crowd.  My first question is where to begin.  I have a cool collection of bottles but no clue where to start.  Any suggestions?

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Welcome to BSB.  


Most of us old timers started because of a magazine article or we found a book in the library concerning ships in bottles.  Now there are videos available to assist the new builder.  Here are a few that we have posted on this site.  Some are more general and some have specific tips etc.  Some of our members are the stars in some of the videos in this link.  http://www.bottledshipbuilder.com/index.php?/topic/10-interesting-video-found/


Please let us know if you have questions etc.  We will try our best to answer them



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