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Bottled Ship Builder

New member in Sweden

Tony Hedgewolf

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Hi everyone!

I'm a craftsman, born in England, now living off-grid in Sweden.

The idea of bottling ships has been lurking in my head ever since I was a kid and I've finally started to explore the craft. 

My first attempt is in progress now; a Viking raider. Seems appropriate for my adopted homeland and of course, only one mast limits the complexity !

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14 minutes ago, Onni said:

Welcome Tony.

I am living next door to you (Finland) and am also from the UK. Nice that you picked a Viking ship as your build.

Hi, thanks for the welcome! We'll just have to see how well (or badly) this first attempt turns out 🙄

One of these days I'll have to get over there and see a bit of Finland; I live quite close to the ferry which crosses to Vaasa.

While I'm here, can you point me at any useful tips on my options for the sea in my little bottle?

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Everyone has different preferences  for modelling the sea. Personally l just use plastasine and paint the surface to mimic white surf. Some people use resins and some use putty, there are different things that can be used. Perhaps experiment  a bit first and see what your happy with.

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I use small pieces of white and green plasticine for wave tops, dogbone, wake, etc, just a small bit smeared in as required, and at random. The smearing gives it a random 'foam' effect. I 'glaze' the sea with PVA , slightly diluted, as it dries clear and gives the reflective surface. Needs a couple of coats as it can be tricky to get it to stick to the surface.

Stay safe all





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Welcome Tony! Don't worry about how detailed your first one is. No matter what, you have to start somewhere and you learn what does and doesn't work for you as you build them. I still have my first one. I jokingly call it my "Shipwreck-in-a-bottle" but it is still special because it was my first.


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15 minutes ago, Tony Hedgewolf said:

Thanks, that makes me feel better about what I'm getting into!

Should I take the plunge and post progress pictures?

Absolutely! That's just what this forum is for. Would love to see and follow your progress. There some great SIB modelers here that can guide you along if you need it, great support here.

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