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Bottled Ship Builder

Hi from South Africa

Wood by Raven

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Hi everyone, I am new to your site and through the little bit of checking out the pics before I registered I already love the place. I was introduced to ships in bottles by my dad and our first ship was a Cutty Sark in a Dimple bottle, dad did 99% of the project as I was still young but the bug bit. I did not immediately start building ships at that time but built a lot of aircraft from kits until school and socializing got in the way. I did continue woodworking at school as a subject though and loved it. 

I took up trying to build a ship to fit a dimple bottle 15 years ago but again a newborn and life got in the way but I loved it so much I kept on tinkering when I had a bit of free time. So why am I here, I now have a bit more free time and after finishing a project that had me make a grip, cheek piece and front grip for a competition FT air rifle from South African Kiaat I simply had to make my next project a completed boat. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEqCD4jX74s) Excuse the glitchy video it was my first attempt at youtube. 

So I have found three empty dimple bottles and have again decided to make this a Cutty Sark project as I kind of wanted to do the same thing and get my sons involved, as my dad did. The plan is to build a slightly larger Cutty Sark (Stern to tip of Bowsprit 22cm total), this to be kept in a small glass display case. The idea is to present the ship moored at a dock, sails folded and some activity on the dock like provisions and crates or drums ready to be loaded. Once this is done we plan to make project #2 our Cutty Sark in a Dimple bottle at sea, full sails.

Any advice on rigging for this scale, what items to make for the dock scene or even links to a similar project would be great.

Hope to make many new friends here!


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Hello Ian, welcome to the forum! Your plan sounds like a good one. Wonderful to hear that your sons are interested in SIBs. Sometimes it seems like it is a dying craft so it is great to hear that some younger people are learning too.


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