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  Thats a great looking ship you have there.  Valuation is a bit tricky on art but as, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the saying goes.  Best I can do is give you some examples of what I see on the market with a bit of my own experience in selling ships in bottles.  I think yours would probably go for $150.  I've listed some below that I think are close to what you have here.  The Artinbottles one particularly is priced similar to what I think this one would go for. I know the seller at Artinbottles.com and he is a very serious collector of bottle art.  His valuations are very on point.  The one I listed is about the same age as yours maybe a tad older and it's listed at $120.  It's a different style ships and doesn't have sails which I think makes yours that much more appealing to the eye and thus valuable.  I've also listed other similar ships that are around that price range both over and under.  There are some key differences which I've listed below that explain the differences in valuation. I hope you find this helpful.  Let us know if you have any other questions.   

This ship is a very similar age.  


This ones less expensive but not as old, the ship is similar.


A similar ship and age but in a pinch bottle.  Etsy's a bit tricky because people can set what ever price they want and let things sit.  I've seen some listed at $900 that sat around for over a year. I think this ones listed a tad high but the pinch bottle is unique which adds to the value. 



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