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Bottled Ship Builder

USS Permit (SSN- 594)

Jeff B

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While other teenagers were driving cars... I was driving a multimillion dollar state of the art master of seas. 

Loved it so much, I begged the Skipper for reenlistment and to let me do another "hitch" on her  rather than go to shore duty. 

Being fully  aware ware of the dimensions, as I've walked them many times, and was quizzed to pass ships submarine quals, it's to scale. Couldn't get the rudder fin in. She's maximum knots, it's buried in foam. 

She had just came out the shipyard and was refitted with sound dampening rubber on all noise making machinery, and a new reactor core. She was the fastest and quietest of her class. The next class was faster, but the Permit was still quieter.

"First to fire" the Mark 48 torpedo and the Subroc. The rest is classified.


Got the idea from Dan.



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A picture is worth 1000 words...

I took the conning tower off. It's just held in by deep wire pins cut from paper clips. I bent the front periscope to plumb vertical. Having a boost of confidence, I made a rudder, and tested my nerves and blood pressure with insertion. It worked this time, after a half hour of flopsin the sea. 



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