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Finding plans


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You know google images isnt half bad.  Just type in what ever ship name and plans and something Ussually comes up.  At our scale images online can work fine.  

Here's one for the Golden Hind.  Ive thought of doing this ship.  





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On 24.06.2017 at 2:27 AM, Jkhorton said:

I am new to this and am looking for a place on the web to find plans to carve small ships. I drive truck so I don't have room for books. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Jkhorton!
I agree with Daniel. There are many sites with drawings on the Internet.
But I think that first you can determine the type of ship that you want to build. For example, it could be a schooner, a yacht, a caravel or something else. Then it will be much easier to find the drawings.

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A book doesn't take up all that much space, and you can always get one from a library, copy the plan, and take it back.     There are plans here, such as this one:    http://www.bottledshipbuilder.com/index.php?/topic/262-going-for-gold-build-bessie/#comment-2373

I would recommend something like the above coasting ketch to begin with, as merchant ships are far less complicated than warships, not having guns or much in the way of decoartion.      Sadly, they are very unpopular though.




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